"With pokies, sometimes i sit there and wonder if the top prize EVER goes off.Well i can tick that off the bucket list now! Thanks Bingo Australia! :-) "
$18,000 Pokies Jackpot August 2017
Testimonials "My win of $5,000 was more than exciting, it was breath taking. It is the most money that I have ever won in 1 go. To think that all I did was sit in front of my computer at home, and I hit a Jack Pot where else then Australia Bingo has changed my purse strings. A Big thank you Bingo Australia"
$5,000.00 in slots wins!
Testimonials "Woo hoo! Some days you win, some days you lose... today i won!! alot!!And pressed withdraw!! :) Such good customer service too.. thankyou BA!"
$4,780.50 in slots wins!
Testimonials "Thank you so much BingoAustralia, I can't believe it!! Very exciting much appreciated here is a pic of me and my 7 week old daughter Great site, thank you!"
$500 Winner Main Contest March 2017
Testimonials "Oh wow.....$500! What a lovely surprise to come home to! I logged on after finishing work and Niko called me "Big Winner Norty" and told me to check my emails. I had no idea! Thanks so much Bingo Australia for such a fantastic prize, and for being the best bingo site around. Great CH's and great people. We're like a big family here. Thanks again. You guys are the best. Kind regards Nicole"
$500 Grand Prize winner - March 2017
Testimonials "Thank you bingoaustralia great to have such an unexpected win!!!!"
$500 CASH winner February 2017 Main Contest
Testimonials "That's awesome! Thanks so much BingoAustralia for a fantastic win."
$500 winner February 2017 Main Contest
Testimonials "Here’s a pic of tiger my cat! Wow I cant believe I won I love bingo Australia it is the best bingo site I have played , the chat host and players are all great. Thank you for my win I'm still in shock love love love bingo Australia"
$1,000 Grand Prize Winner – January 2017
Testimonials "Bingo Australia is awesome, I love playing and the people are so nice and games are great! I am overjoyed to have come first place! Merry Christmas."
$1,000 Grand Prize Winner November 2016
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