The $4K Christmas Party for Pokies lovers

Get ready to spin and win! It’s Christmas time and we know how much you love Slot Tournaments! This is why we are not having just 1 tourney... we’ll have FOUR weekly tourneys with daily cash prizes to the lucky winners!

Starting December 3rd and until December 27th, join us from Monday to Thursday (EST time) for your chance to take part in a daily slot tourney. We’ll give away $1,000 every week to the daily winners as follows:

Daily Prizes
1st Place: $150 CASH
2nd Place: $75 CASH    
3rd Place: $25 CASH

That's a total of $4,000 CASH to be won in four weeks! Every participant has great opportunities to win since we'll offer 2 random draw contests and 2 Top Players contests every week.

Believe in the magic of Christmas and start winning points every day as follows:

    Get 5 points for every $10 wagered on featured slots
    Get 3 points for every $10 wagered on any other Mobilots and 3D slots
    Get 1 point for every $20 wagered on Parlay Slots.

Winners will be posted below.

December 3rd
1st Place: $150 CASH infome
2nd Place: $75 CASH belindad1966
3rd Place: $25 CASH clydegin

December 4th
1st Place: $150 CASH BEAN07    
2nd Place: $75 CASH ladyoffcer    
3rd Place: $25 CASH Potts21

December 5th
1st Place: $150 CASH:bzzybbz
2nd Place: $75 CASH:shans88788
3rd Place: $25 CASH:ctrecker

December 6th Results:
1st Place: $150 CASH: wrayss1972
2nd Place: $75 CASH: brightestangel01
3rd Place: $25 CASH:ctrecker

December 10th Results:
1st Place: $150 CASH: NYCTRY
2nd Place: $75 CASH: JrFalconsMom3
3rd Place: $25 CASH: Honey Pat

December 11th
1st Place: $150 CASH Vance999
2nd Place: $75 CASH brightestangel01
3rd Place: $25 CASH AJ0401

December 12th
1st Place: $150 CASH chris1259
2nd Place: $75 CASHmandilou
3rd Place: $25 CASH sexylexy

December 13th
1st Place: $150 CASH shans88788
2nd Place: $75 CASH  nova013
3rd Place: $25 CASHsupersec

December 17th
1st Place: $150 CASH: duncolho33
2nd Place: $75 CASH: LULU526
3rd Place: $25 CASH: Pegram1971

Dec 18th
1st Place: $150 CASH djaqs66
2nd Place: $75 CASH AJ0401
3rd Place: $25 CASH SillyGoose29

December 20th
1st Place: $150 CASH: Lynsx1982x
2nd Place: $75 CASH: nova013
3rd Place: $25 CASH: djaqs66

December 24th
1st Place: $150 CASH: Carl
2nd Place: $75 CASH: Luckier
3rd Place: $25 CASH: xmasgrinchkringle

December 25th
1st Place: $150 CASH: LuckyGal_
2nd Place: $75 CASH: shans88788
3rd Place: $25 CASH: PRANCER

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