Spoiler Alert! Witch Tourney with $100,000 GUARANTEED CASH JACKPOTS!

Steer your witch on her super-fast broom to WIN $100,000 in GUARANTEED CASH.

Starting October 5th and until Nov 1st be on the lookout for the flying monkeys, broom and witches hat games paying out HUGE FIXED CASH JACKPOTS and earn points to win EXTRA TEAM BINGO entries at the end of each contest week to win even more money.

Everyone will be put into groups of five roomies, your first win in one of the special games will determine the group you are in. Each witch tourney game win = 1 ranking point for the group you are in. The group with the most points accumulated at the end of the week wins a FREE TEAM BINGO SEAT.

Look for the Flying Monkeys, Broom, and Witch games to particpate.

Plus! Everyone with at least one ranking point will automatically be entered into our Witch Hat Draw for any available seats at the start of the team bingo tourney.

Where? Main Room 24/7
Contest Timeframe: Saturday - Friday midnight
Pre-buys Available

Witch Parking Only! All others will be toad! (Cackling Witch).

Terms and Conditions:
• If two player’s bingo on the same pattern we will use the date stamp on the last pattern won to decide the winner for that specific placement.
• Weekly contest period Saturday – Friday midnight (EST Time)
• There is no need to have a deposit to get in the ranking, but in order to claim the free team bingo
seat you must qualify as per the team bingo rules. You have until 3pm (site time) the day of the tourney to qualify.
• Players with multiple accounts will be disqualified from this contest.
• All site rules apply