Knock Knock Bingo Aussie Lotto

Once a week luck and fortune will knock on your door as now your favorite numbers could win you some extra BBs!

Any single $30 deposit that you make any day from Friday through Wednesday, will give you the chance to pick 5 lottery numbers from 1 to 75.

Once your deposit is made, come and enter your numbers right here, or in the bingo lobby!

Enter your Lotto Numbers HERE!

Dec 27th Lotto 11-60-47-59-51
redrobyn, catherine63, Dzey, SantasRedCards, bingobelle59

Dec 20th Lotto: 7,12,19,29,33
redwrapper, redrobyn, TheGrinch, dizey, SantasRedCards, and bingobelle59

Dec 13th Lotto 4-19-20-67-73
Winners: bingobelle59

Dec 6th Lotto 16-20-22-44-52

Nov 29th Lotto 6,15,31,63, and 69
redrobyn, and catherine63

Nov 22nd Lotto 21,65,56,4, and 73
ilovebiff, meowcat555, amph1, and bingobelle59

Nov 17th Lotto 7-19-30-47-28
Miriam49, and catherine63

Nov 8th Lotto 16-33-37-43-55
Winners: tinky123,redrobyn, and Janine_J9

Oct 24th Lotto 2-7-8-19-72
Winners: Miriam49, and dizey


Knock, knock Lotto will be played every Thursday using the first 5 calls of the Top of the hour game played at 2pm in the Main Contest Room. If your numbers are called, you will be rewarded with the following prizes:

• 5 numbers hit: 100 BBs
• 4 numbers hit: 80 BBs
• 3 numbers hit: 50 BBs
• 2 numbers hit: 25 BBs
• 1 number hit: 25 BBs

Join the fun every Thursday at 2pm, then check out if you were among our winners below!

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