$85K Smores Tourney Weekend Room

Join us for lots of S'more Cash Fun every weekend in June (Fri-Sun at 11pm EST) as we play for over $85,000 in CASH JACKPOTS.

Get your marshmallows ready! Deposit and play the 3P $750-$150 S'mores CASH Games in the weekend room or get your cards from the pre-buy menu. Since the first bite is always the best, the tourney will kick start with a burst of flavor, we will play a $100bbs Freebie Game. We will treat everyone in the room with 24 cards to play it. Make sure to join the room at least 10 minutes before the games to participate.

Each game offers triple the fun, and triple the chances to win and a Buy 30 Get 5 cards FREE OFFER. That's 5 free extra chances to win playing our s’mores bingo games! YUMMMMY.

Marshmallows, Chocolates, and Graham Crackers.

To stoke up the bonfire more, there will be freebies, deposit deals and fun chat games waiting for you every weekend, don't miss it!

Let's have S’more Fun Together! Deposit Now, and Get your Cards.